Why trade on a remote server?

Why trade on a remote server?

At the moment, our OsEngine FAQ already has a whole section on how to correctly install, manage, and trade robots from a remote server. In this article, we will discuss why this is necessary and why it is very important!

If you trade from your home computer, it creates additional risks. Here is how trading from a home PC looks like:

If you are manually trading and doing it on a case-by-case basis, this option is quite suitable. Some even trade from their phones. Or there are investors who trade a few times a quarter or even a year. They find this method preferable.

However, when you have a robot, trading from home is simply not an option. Considering that a remote server costs starting from $15 per month, deploying robots there is a must.

This scheme reduces the likelihood of technological risks, almost reducing them to zero. And you no longer have to worry about power outages in your neighborhood, internet disconnections, etc.

Therefore, when you progress in your algo trading journey to launching robots into trading, be sure to do it on a remote server.


System requirements:

1. Processors - from 2 and up.

2. RAM - starting from 3 GB.

3. Storage - SSD, starting from 15 GB.



1. Disable system updates on the remote server. This is necessary so that the server does not reboot.

2. Set the UTC time on the remote server if you are trading with cryptocurrencies. If you are trading on MOEX, set Moscow time.

3. Servers sometimes shut down and do not work. Yes, this does happen. You need to be prepared for this as well. Over the years, we have encountered problems on the VDS provider side at least three times. In this case, you should have the ability to close all open positions on the exchange, at the very least.


How often should you access the server?

Once/ three times a day. You will need to access the remote server and monitor that everything is in order with the robots.

It doesn't matter which trading platform you use.

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