Consulting and development of trading robots.
Development of trading robots from the members of the Os Engine team.
One of the most important activities of our team is the creation of trading robots.

We have many years of experience in infrastructure projects in the field of finance and understand how to choose the right partner in the development of a Digital project.

This page contains resumes of Os Engine founders who are professionals in their field.
Completed projects
Any level of project complexity.
Our team specializes in developing robots for market making and liquidity management on exchanges worldwide.
Free support for 3 months.
Afterwards, a long-term support agreement can be arranged, or we can provide online consultations to your specialists.
Any connection.
To date, we have worked with over 20 different connections, including 15 different exchanges.
Rest assured, your technical specifications will not be shared with anyone beyond our programmers.
Non-disclosure agreements are provided.
Speed for your needs.
We develop medium and scalper algorithms on C# and LUA.
HFT and Ultra Latense algorithms on C++ and C#.
Simple licensing system.
All the source code written for your project remains your property. Even if our old methods were used in the process.
Ease of project support.
All source code of the project is fully available to you.
Fully open code.
The full cycle of algorithmic trading.
We can not only create your algorithm, but also test it. Provide you with the necessary data, optimize according to the Risk profile you need.
Development managers

Alex Wang

Founder of the Os Engine algorithmic trading platform.
Alex Wang
Chief architect and
developer of Os Engine.
Algotrader, programmer.
C# / C++
Higher education:
"SNI" - "Management",
"NGTU" - "Computer and Automated Systems Software".
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