All you need is here.
OsEngine is everything you need and more.
For many years, we have been engaged in infrastructure projects in the financial field and understand the importance of choosing the right partner for developing a digital project.

One of the key areas of our team's expertise is creating trading robots. We trade ourselves, serve algorithmic funds, and individual algo traders.

Throughout the process of creating hundreds of different projects for trading automation, a framework for building robots has emerged. It is open, modern, and highly expandable. One of the best robot builders on the planet - OsEngine.
What is OsEngine?
Robot builder.
A unique robot builder in which you can create robots of any complexity.
Dozens of built-in robots.
Ready for modernization. Examples of robots: trending, counter-trending, market-making, patterns, semiautomated robots on alerts and indicators.
Tester & Optimizer.
You will never have to trade untested strategies again. Create and test robots at the same time.
Data loader.
Download test data and store it on your computer.
Over 20 sources! All exchanges on the planet.
More than 50 indicators.
Including: Stoch RSI, Donchiane Channels, Ichimoku, Ivashov Range, VWAP.
Ability to write your own indicators.
Two dozen connections.
Moex (Quik, SmartCom, Plaza 2, ASTS, etc.) Cryptocurrency exchanges (Binance, Bitmex, Bitfinex, etc.) Forex and foreign exchanges (IB, Ninja, OANDA, LIMAX, etc.)
Horizontal Volumes.
Visualization and accessibility from the horizontal volume robot builder.
8 types of candles.
Classic, Renco, HeikenAshi, Delta, Volume, Ticks, Range, Revers. Timeframes from 1 second. Horizontal volumes on any type of candles.
simple robot builder
You don't need to be a super programmer
We don't change it in every release and keep it backwards compatible. The level of knowledge required to learn it is minimal. You need to learn the first 20 - 40 pages of any C-Sharp programming book (that's 1/20 of the Junior level). The level of programming knowledge is "housewife".
A program for downloading historical data that allows you to obtain candlesticks, market depth, and ticks from various sources and then use them to search for profitable strategies and risk optimization.
Optimizer, Tester, Miner.
A set of programs for selecting the optimal strategy parameters
A suite of programs for selecting optimal parameters for a strategy, both manually and automatically, using optimization methods and search algorithms applied in self-learning algorithms in the most advanced fields (AI).
Bot station.
Program to run robots in trading
Program to run dozens of robots in trade with journaling, sending notifications, automatic testing, full control of your robots.
Included with OsEngine is more
than 150 built-in robots
  1. Classic trend-following robots like moving average crossover strategies,
    Bill Williams' strategy, or Jesse Livermore's trend strategy.
  2. Counter-trend systems based on Bollinger Bands, balance lines
    and even some market-making strategies.
  3. Arbitrage strategies for trading divergence, correlated instruments, including one-legged arbitrage.
Available connections for cryptocurrency exchanges
Available connections for MOEX
Available international connections