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System requirements
OsEngine Overview.
The difference between creating robots on API and terminal for algorithmic trading in Os Engine.
Crash server
Main Menu of Os Engine.
OsEngine. OsData 2.0
Os Data. Market depth. Transaction history.
OsData. Converter. Candle converter.
Tester Light
Errors during testing in OsEngine and other platforms.
OsData and Tester. We download order book snapshots and run tests on them.
Tester. Data Storage and Securities Settings.
OsData and Tester. Downloading transaction history and running tests on it.
Alerts in OsEngine.
Trade journal in OS Engine.
Types of profits in OsEngine journals. P/L and their differences.
Ensembling of volumes.
Bot Station Light in OsEngine
Server Master. Automatic server reconnection in OsEngine.
Optimizer 1. Simple parameter sweep.
Optimizer 2. Robustness.
Optimizer 3. Walk-Forwards.
Optimizer 4. Numeric indicator of robustness in Walk-Forward optimization.
Optimizer 5. Optimizer limitations.
Sources 1. The concept of sources in OsEngine.
Sources 2. Visual source for BotTabSimple.
Sources 3. Interface of BotTabIndex.
Sources 4. Interface of BotTabPair.
Sources 5. Interface of BotTabScreener.
Sources 6. Interface of BotTabPolygon.
Sources 7. Interface of BotTabCluster.
OsMiner. Launching found patterns.
Alor Open Api. Moscow Exchange.
Binance API
Bitget API
KuCoin API
Gate Io API
Deribit API
Pionex API
HTX (Huobi) API
MOEX AlgoPack. Connection for downloading historical data from the Moscow Exchange.
Why trade on a remote server?
is*hosting login.
is*hosting. Server Purchase.
is*hosting. Operating system request.
is* hosting. Launch remote server.
System time synchronization on a remote server.
Increasing the paging file and adjusting the processor priority on a remote server.
How to properly and quickly disable and enable combat robots?
How to update running combat robots to a new assembly with GitHub OsEngine.
Automatic position support in OsEngine.
Opening positions manually in OsEngine journal.
Load the necessary number of candles on live connection.
Correct server settings.
Distribution Services.
Converting time to UTC format.
The operation of the Telegram broadcasting service in OsEngine.
Regarding the basic idea and profit in pair trading.
Trading manually + Visual interfaces in OsEngine.
Datasets for testing inter-exchange algorithms. Trading from index.
Theory. What is it? Where is the profit?
Front-running robots in the Python programming language.
User Interfaces.
Ready robot for classic currency arbitrage.
Robot for profitability research after a signal in currency arbitrage.
Currency arbitrage and related issues.
Index arbitrage. Introduction
Possible robot algorithms.
Volatility. Trading based on index.
Correlation. Trading from index.
Minimum residuals from the difference of two price series with the optimal multiplier.
Volumes in indexes. Trading from index.
Index in OsEngine. We assemble it according to our own formula.
Index in OsEngine. Autoformula.
About aligning datasets. Trading from index.
Datasets for testing inter-exchange algorithms. Trading from index.
Price Weighted Index.
Equal Weighted Index.
Volume Weighted Index.
Cointegration Weighted Index.
Automatic selection of securities for your own index. Historical volumes and volatility.
Risk manager.
Mechanics of closing positions.
Opening positions through Stop orders mechanics.
Fatal error. Not enough quota to process the command.
Requirements for PC and equipment for programming and trading on OsEngine.
The programs you will need.
Namespaces. The using directive. OsEngine.
The types of data at the lowest level coming from exchange connectors. OsEngine.
Trades. Anonymous trade tape. Description of the Trade class.
Candlestick Chart. Candle Class Description.
Application, order. Description of the Order class.
Order Book, Market Depth. Description of the MarketDepth class.
Trades on own account. The structure of the MyTrade class. OsEngine.
Assets. Portfolio. Purpose and description of the Portfolio class. OsEngine.
Portfolio. Assets and positions. What's the difference.
Description of the Position class.
Stock position. Description of the PositionsOnBoard class.
Stock Exchange Instrument. Description of the Security class.
Purpose and description of the BotFactory class. OsEngine.
Purpose and description of the BotPanel class.
The mandatory to implement members of the BotPanel class.
Creating a robot through BotFactory in OsEngine.
Example of creating a robot using an attribute in OsEngine.
Reading and Compiling Scripts from Files in OsEngine.
Description of the robot in the code that appears in the robot viewing window.
Strategy Parameters. Overview of the IIStrategyParameter interface.
StrategyParameterInt - Description and Examples of Use in OsEngine.
StrategyParameterDecimal - description and usage examples in OsEngine.
StrategyParameterString - description and usage examples in OsEngine.
StrategyParameterBool - description and usage examples in OsEngine.
StrategyParameterTimeOfDay - description and usage examples in OsEngine.
StrategyParameterButton - a description and example of usage in OsEngine.
StrategyParameterLabel - description and usage examples in OsEngine.
StrategyParameterCheckBox - description and usage example in OsEngine.
Tabs in the parameter window.
Location BotTabSimple in the OsEngine project and general description of its capabilities.
Overview of the main blocks of BotTabSimple.
Review of trading methods in OsEngine.
Review of outgoing events.
Review of the remaining public members of the BotTabSimple class.
PositionBuyAtStopActivateEvent & PositionSellAtStopActivateEvent
Exchange Instrument, Examples of Using the Security Class.
Interaction with the chart
Data series provided by the connector
Managing Indicators on the Chart
Position Management Module
Location of the Journal in the BotTabSimple project and code.
Position - virtual positions of robots in OsEngine. Difference from PositionOnBoard.
Array types with positions called from BotTabSimple.
Controlling positions across different types of entries using SignalTypeOpen and SignalTypeClose.
Location of BotTabScreener in the project and a general description of its capabilities.
Overview of Fields and Data.
Overview of Events in BotTabScreener.
BotTabScreener Configuration from the Visual Interface
Using BotTabScreener in Robot Code.
Project IndicatorsFactory. Overview of the Indicator Creation Layer.
An Overview of the Interface for Creating Indicators
Creating an Indicator within OsEngine.
Moving the indicator into scripts and IndicatorsFactory.
IndicatorsParameters. Types and Applications.
Embedding an indicator into the code of another indicator. Binding parameters.
Creating a Composite Indicator from Scratch to Completion. An Example with a Description.
Accessing Indicator Data and Setting Parameters from the Robot Code.
Location of BotTabIndex in the project and general description of capabilities.
Review of fields and data.
Using BotTabIndex in a robot.
Setting the BotTabIndex from the visual interface.
Index in OsEngine. Autoformula.
Example of a one-legged index arbitrage strategy to return to the mean.
Example of one-legged index arbitrage in trend.
Robot for pair trading based on an index.
Robot for classical index arbitrage.
Location of BotTabCluster in the project and a general description of capabilities.
Review of the classes HorizontalVolumeLine and HorizontalVolumeCluster.
Review of fields and data of BotTabCluster.
Overview of events in BotTabCluster.
Example of using BotTabCluster in the robot code.
Setting up BotTabCluster from the visual interface.
Overview of the layer for creating robots for pair trading in BotTabPair in OsEngine
BotTabPair event for subscription and public properties.
PairToTrade - a pair for arbitrage. Overview of trading methods, properties, and events.
Using correlation and cointegration from the common layers of robot creation in OsEngine.
Robot for pair arbitrage based on cointegration in OsEngine. PairCointegrationSideTrader.
Robot for pair arbitrage on a breakout based on correlation and cointegration in OsEngine.
A robot for classic statistical pair arbitrage in OsEngine.
BotTabPolygon. Introduction to the layer for creating currency arbitrage robots.
BotTabPolygon. Events to subscribe to and public properties useful for trading.
BotTabPolygon. Source. Regions.
PolygonToTrade. Trading Sequence. Internal Structure of Regions.
A ready-made robot for classic currency arbitrage.
A robot for researching profitability after a signal in currency arbitrage.
Here's a sample code for optimizing the "Start and end trading time" parameter.
How to send messages in Telegram from the OsEngine robot.
Trading on sloping levels.
Example "False Breakout" with the addition of extra elements on the chart.
Messages in Telegram from robot 2.
Bat files