Trading robots for HTX.

Trading robots for HTX.

HTX is a combination of the platform "Huobi", its blockchain "Tron", and the exchange status "X".

On August 13, 2023, the cryptocurrency exchange Huobi changed its name to NTX. HTX owner Justin Sun stated that the company decided to rebrand because it was very difficult for foreigners to pronounce Huobi.

In this article, we will learn how to connect OsEngine to the HTX exchange (formerly Huobi). For those who are new to OsEngine, it is a ready-made terminal and ecosystem for algorithmic trading with dozens of free built-in robots, a tester, robot creation layers, and much more.

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1. Creating remote access keys to the HTX API.

In your account, go to the API Management section: 

An keys creation window will open:

1. Enter the key name.

2. Check the "Read" and "Trade" checkboxes at least.

3. Click on Create.

Copy and save:

1. Access Key.

2. Secret Key (be sure to save, it cannot be restored later).


2. Open OsEngine and go to the connection settings.

In the main menu, go to Bot station light:

Next, go to server connections and select the "HTXSpot / HTXFutures / HTXSWAP" connection: 

An HTX connection window will open:

1. Enter the Access Key in the first field.

2. Enter the Secret Key in the second.

3. Click on the "Connect" button!


Enable any robot and start trading!

IMPORTANT 1. THREE connectors!!!


In the OsEngine interfaces, they are labeled exactly the same:

1. SPOT - Spot currency trading.

2. FUTURES - Futures contracts.

3. SWAP - Perpetual futures. (Two more platforms are hidden here)



Futures Swap USDT - collateralized with USDT.

Futures Swap COIN - collateralized with other currencies.

This can be switched here:

The COIN and USDT platforms have different portfolios, and you must know what you are doing if you want to trade here.

Good luck with your algorithms!

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